Counseling and Therapy Services

FCCRB Funded Counseling and Therapy Services - Community Based

ALIVE will provide counseling for children and youth who are identified as being witnesses (directly or indirectly) of high conflict within their family. They will provide counseling specific to the issue of overcoming trauma so as to break the cycle of violence. In addition, they will work with the parents on effective nurturing and understanding the needs of a child who has suffered trauma. 
Contact Information:
636-583-5700 or 800-941-9144.

Catholic Family Services*
Catholic Family Services provides individual and group counseling services to youth of Franklin County. They will also be forming group counseling to address anger management and other specific issues. 
Contact Information: 
Rhonda Stockglausner, MSW, LCSW

Foundations for Franklin County*
Mobile Counseling and Educational Outreach Program provides counseling and educational support in a mobile office at designated locations throughout Franklin County, to reduce transportation issues for youth and families.  Services for juveniles with sexual behavior problems are also available through assessments and treatment.
Contact Information: 
Jennifer Slay

Lutheran Children and Families Services*
Lutheran Children and Families Services will provide counseling/therapy services and case management to children and youth.  The LFCS counseling program address the key areas in children’s lives that are impacted by emotional, behavioral and/or mental health problems. Counselors use a variety of evidence-based approaches including emotion-focused, attachment-focused, cognitive behavioral, trauma-focused treatment and solution-focused therapy as well as play and art therapy techniques when working with individuals and families facing a broad range of problems. 
Contact Information:
Lutheran Family and Children Services Intake
636-234-0893 or 314-787-5100

FCCRB Funded Counseling and Therapy - School Based

Portals ~ Buddies not Bullies*
Portals provides school-based mental health services including counseling and consultation based in the Lutheran School in Franklin County.Contact Information: 
Please contact the school principal for more information

Catholic Family Services*
Catholic Family Services provides school-based mental health services including counseling and consultation based in the Catholic grade schools and Borgia High School in Franklin County. This allows children to be seen in a comfortable location where they feel safe and secure. Contact Information: 
Please contact the school principal for more information
Crider Health Center*
Crider Health Center provides School Based Therapy in five school districts; Meramec Valley, St. Clair, Sullivan, Washington and Union. The children are identified through the School's Counselor or other school gatekeeper. 
Contact Information: 
Please contact your school counselor for more information

Private Practice Counselors Serving Franklin County

The following list was developed to assist families in Franklin County in finding an appropriate therapist. Simply being listed as a provider of a service is not to be construed as an endorsement by the FCCRB or any of its affiliates.
Bell Psychological Services
Lisa Bell
202 W 3rd St., Washington, MO  63090                                   

Counseling Concepts
1190 S. Jefferson Ste 102, Washington, MO  63090            

Crossroads Counseling
202 E. Locust, Union, MO  63084                                                

Diversified Counseling Services of Franklin County           
103 Liberty Plaza, Union, MO  63084                        

Lifespan Counseling
450 Cumberland Way Ste. A, Sullivan, MO  63080               

Midwest Counseling
PO Box 220081, St. Louis, MO  63122                                       

Psych Care Consults
205 Elm St., Washington, MO  63090                                        

Riverfront Therapy
120 West Front Street
Washington, MO 63090

Christina Woods LPC       
In-home counseling        
11026 Greenfield Dr., Rolla, MO  65401